This item is a “Jeweled Escapement” typewriter made by Smith-Corona in the USA in 1964. This machine was top-of-the-line back in the 60’s.

Out of all typewriters, this one is one of the most reliable and dependable machines for heavy use, a classic typewriter for crafting or simply as an addition to your home, a  nice workhorse machines with eye-catching style.

They are built solidly and mechanically precise. Rolling the paper in is a joy, straight every time and catches nimbly without a fuss.

It comes with a carry case, tip-ex and a mini brush for cleaning.

The escapement in a typewriter works like an escapement in a watch.  There is a gear with long curved teeth which can be sort of seen in the very center of this photograph.  Each tooth is a space.  Sometimes if one tooth is missing or damaged a machine might skip every certain number spaces, that number being the total number of teeth on the escapement gear.   The movement of this gear is restricted by little escapement dogs, and those are the parts which are jeweled.




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