The Polaroid Sonar AutoFocus 5000 employs a Polaroid SX-70 integral film to produce instant pictures, making it a suitable choice for users who prefer not to wait for the negatives to be developed before looking at their shots. This instant film camera employs a Sonar autofocus lens with an aperture rating of f/9 for taking pictures. The Polaroid Sonar AutoFocus 5000 features autofocus functionality, which measures the distance through ultrasound to set the right focus for sharp and clear pictures. In addition, the shutter in this Polaroid camera offers shutter speeds ranging between 1 s and 0.02 s. This Polaroid camera produces pictures that have an image dimension of 7.8 cm by 7.9 cm. This instant film camera can also be set on a tripod, allowing stability for users while taking pictures. Furthermore, this Polaroid camera includes a strap for convenience of carrying. The camera is 12.5 cm wide by 14 deep by 9.5 cm high.


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