Polavision was launched in 1977, just as home video was arriving on the scene.

The camera, built by Eumig and equipped with x2 zoom lens, held a proprietary cartridge containing 40’ of Super 8mm film. The film was ‘developed’ and viewed in a table-top viewer with a back projection screen.

Conventional Super 8mm film like Kodachrome demanded complex developing involving dye-couplers added in processing. This could not be done in the home, let alone in the cassette itself, so Polaroid adopted a much simpler additive system, rather like the early Dufaycolor, using a filmstock with three colour filter layers. Unfortunately the resulting image was very dense and described as ‘murky and dark’ with a grain ‘closer in appearance to the dots on a colour television screen’ than regular film. Moreover, unlike video, the cassette only ran for two and half minutes, lacked sound and could not be shown on your TV. It was discontinued in 1979.


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