A rare model, the Polaroid 500 was made in Brazil and was a European-market-only model. It features a two-tone grey body, just like the SX-70 “The Button”, but without the big white logo.

The Polaroid 500 (1976) uses film type SX-70 that currently made by The Impossible Project. For this model you can find color film (Color SX-70) or black and white (B & N SX-70). The cartridges incorporate the battery. The Polaroid 500 integrates exposure compensator to regulate the amount of light reaching the photometer.

Technical characteristics:

– Three-element lens (103mm).
– Minimum focusing distance 90 cm.
– Diaphragm / opening: f / 14.6.
– Shutter: electronic range around 1 – 1/150 sec.
– Exposure system: Automatic.
– Exposure compensator with selector + clear / + dark.
– Electronic flash: does not incorporate.
– Type of film: SX-70.


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