The Polaroid 2000 is an instant camera for the SX-70 format.
It is identical to the Polaroid Pronto! And entirely in black.
The round timer is green.

The Polaroid 2000 comes from the 70s and was sold to the international market, outside of America.

The camera is designed for SX-70 films designed as the SX-70 Time Zero.
Polaroid is no more films here, but there are of The ImpossibleProject matching instant film for Polaroid 2000.
There, for example, the Impossible Color Film for SX -70 for color images.
If you want to make monochrome images, would the Impossible B & W film for SX-70  a chance.

Overview of the other functions of the Polaroid 2000

Auto exposure
Light / dark controller
Closest focusing distance 3 ft (nearly 1 meter)
Plastic case
Power supply by battery in film cassette


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