The Polaroid EE100 instant film camera is a rare and highly sought-after second-generation folding Polaroid camera. This model was one of the instant film cameras released for the 100-series packfilm Polaroid cameras. It features a fixed, non-focusing viewfinder, and the capability of using both 100-series and 80-series packfilms. This valuable and functional features make the Polaroid EE100 a desirable and easy-to-use camera that creates sharp, vivid, and detailed photographs in any setting. Ideal for hobby photographers through to eager professionals, the Polaroid EE100 offers a distance marker to judge manual focusing and simplified folding mechanism, with no need to cock the lens shutter after each shot. In addition to being a vintage icon of instant film cameras, the Polaroid EE100 also features high-quality additional functions, uncommon in some models. This instant film camera is compatible with generic ‘blue dot’ flash cube attachable flashes, and comes with a wind-up hot shoe, and a diffuser set beside the cameras lens.


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