Even before the advent of the home radio though and a little known fact, Philips owned its own radio station. In fact on 11 March 1927 Philips went on the air with shortwave radio station, PCJJ (later PCJ) which was joined in 1929 by sister station PHOHI (Philips Omroep Holland-Indië). PHOHI broadcast in Dutch to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) while PCJJ broadcast in English, Spanish and German to the rest of the world.

The international program on Sundays commenced in 1928, with host Eddie Startz hosting the Happy Station show, which became the world’s longest-running shortwave program. Broadcasts from the Netherlands were interrupted by the Second World War.

Philips Radio was absorbed shortly after the end of the war and the liberation of the Netherlands when its two shortwave stations were nationalised in 1947 and renamed Radio Netherlands Worldwide.


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