The Konica Pop (aka C35 EFJ in Japan) was a popular 35mm compact camera by Konica, made from 1982. It has fixed focus, one shutter speed and manual film advance by lever. It has a CdS-cell which activates a LED in case of under exposure.

It was available in many bright colours along with the original black. After selling 1.5 million models, new versions were launched in 1985 (including a metallic silver example). These late editions did not say “Hexanon” on the lens, but the flash had an improved recharge time. An Autodate model was issued in about 1988.

The C35 EF-P was the simple camera of a camera collection which also includes the C35 EF and C35 AF.

The C35 AF had an innovative autofocus. The EF P is the fix-focus variant of the EF.

The lens is the very good Hexanon f4/38mm. There is a possibility to choose between three sensitivities for the film.
The rewind crank is located below the camera. It is mounted on an articulation which lets to free easily the roll film when the back cover is open.

The camera is very simple, its design aims a very young public and requires no practice and without sacrificing quality.


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