Truly the first Dutch telephone ever. For a long time Heemaf was the only Dutch telephone manufacturer until Ericsson and later NSEM started producing telephone in the Netherlands too. Although they started production in 1931 it was not until this model was introduced in 1955 that there was a real Dutch telephone: Dutch electronics, Dutch designed housing, manufactured completely in the Netherlands. Designed by the famous graphic artist Gerrit Kiljan this model looks like no other telephone of the era. It radiates a kind of machine age energy, and looks ready to jump off the table.

It is no wonder collectors often call it the batman phone, with its sharp lines and rounded corners give it an almost gothic quality. And it is not just looks: the ergonomics have been well thought out. The peculiar shape of the handset is designed to give it a comfortable grip. The number window moulded in the body shell, easy to see but not easy to damage, like the number windows on other phones that were protruding separate parts. The earthing button is flush with the top of the body shell, preventing accidentally activating it. All this and still it follows the principles of the Nieuwe Zakelijkheid (New Objectivity) of simplicity and functionality.


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