Are all your products fully functional?

 All our products are completely refurbished (when required) and fully functional.

When were the products produced?

TVB products are all produced pre-1990

What is your payment method?

You pay cash on delivery. Delivery charge is 5$ within Beirut, and varies according to the area if outside of Beirut.

Are your products guaranteed?

Our products are guaranteed for a period of 3 months. Watches have an extended guarantee of 1 year.  Terms and conditions apply. 

Do you have a store location?

We operate exclusively through our online platform.

Can I refuse the product on delivery?

Refusal of a product is acceptable when the product is inspected by you and determined to be flawed in functionality

Do you offer packaging services?

We do not usually package products so that you can have the freedom to inspect what you’ve ordered. If you wish for it to e packaged regardless, TVb isn’t held accountable for the product’s condition. 

Do your products come with a user manual?

If you aren’t fully sure of how to use the product you’re buying, there’s extensive information online that we can supply you with that may help you in doing so


For further inquiries, feel free to contact us!