film 120 roll, format 6x9cm, takes 8 frames
Lens: 105mm f/11 single-element Meniscus lens, fixed focus; Aperture: f/11 and f/16; Focus range: 3m-inf; Setting: a pull-out tab above the shutter release, without pulling out the tab setting on the large aperture, when pulling out, the first stop (a dot) is for small aperture and the second (filter) stop is for larger aperture w/ yellow filter,
Shutter: instant-return self-cocking simple spring rotary shutter, simple spring, w/sliding aperture disc; Speeds: 1/50 +B; Setting: by a small sliding lever above the shutter release: the dot is for speed and the long line is for B setting
Cocking and Shutter release lever: same, pressing once to downwards the lever cock and release the shutter
Cable release socket: same with flash PC socket, at the corner below the shutter release
Viewfinder: two Bright magnifying viewfinders on top and right sides of the camera, w/ polished steel reflectors
Flash PC socket: special for dedicated Agfa Clibo-Blitz, same with cable release socket, at the corner below the shutter release
Back cover: hinged, w/ red window, opens by pressing the carrying strap knob on top of the camera
Film loading: via a removable cone magazine[1]
Others: Sticker on the magazine: Agfa Isopan Film; Tripod sockets: two, 1/4 inch; Buttons for hand grip
Body: metal; Weight: 412g


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